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Dish Antenna

Hot Dragonfly can help you on a project basis, temporarily fill a knowledge gap or provide ongoing consulting services.  Have an idea and wonder if it has been done successfully (or not) by someone else?  Thinking of trying a new product or service?  Need a reliable resource to address a project or geographic need where you have no staff?  We can help.

Are you truly satisfied with your existing systems and services?  Do they perform well?  Is the service provider responsive?  Need to reduce costs of existing or future operations?  Do the costs seem reasonable?  How do you know unless you have something with which to compare them?  Your competitors may be getting the same (or better) levels of service for far less cost.  We find that there is usually money to be saved without compromising service levels.  Let's talk.


  • Develop strategy

  • Plan and manage projects and initiatives

  • Oversee implementation of systems and services

  • Monitor contractor, systems and services performance

  • Assure compliance with contracts

  • Conduct research

  • Provide advisory services

  • Perform needs assessment and develop requirements

  • Develop and execute requests for proposals and bids

Communication Tower
Server Installation
Under Construction
Digital social media


  • Reporting on options, services, and costs

  • Serve as your Single Point of Contact for projects or in a multiple service provider environment 

  • Support for ongoing operations

  • Optimize your telecom services through cost comparisons with alternative providers and cost recovery audit services

  • Provide scheduled or as-needed services

  • Construction planning and oversight for telecommunications infrastructure

  • Remote/field support and management

  • Business continuity and disaster preparedness planning


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