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Hot Dragonfly provides advisory, technical and management services for IT/Telecom as well as guidance and services to help make Aviation work for you.  

Our mission is to help you reach your goals by understanding your requirements and perspectives, applying our experience from a wide variety of service areas and sectors and combining this with objective current research.  

We take a collaborative approach to help you make informed decisions and execute your projects.  If you prefer we independently handle an activity on your behalf, we can do that while keeping you well informed.  We enjoy helping people find resources, services and solutions in areas of technology where the options and opportunities are constantly changing. 

Bernie O'Donnell



Bernie's experience encompasses user and service provider perspectives including Research, Policy, Strategy, Planning, Procurement, Product/Service Selection, Implementation, Project Management, Service/Systems/Financial Optimization, Customer Service and Operations.


His technology background includes Point of Sale, Microwave and Land Mobile Radio, Contact Centers, Telephone Systems, Telecommunications Expense Management Systems, Fixed and Mobile Carrier Services and Cable Infrastructure Systems.  He has worked with various sectors including Field Service, Construction, Manufacturing, State/Federal Government, Public Safety and Health Care. 

Bernie has authored technical papers and articles on a variety of topics including cabling systems, wireless technology, cellular networks, microwave radio systems and networks.  He has lectured on telecommunications management for undergraduate and graduate programs, served as a speaker at industry conferences and has served as a panelist and moderator for panel discussions on telecommunications and IT topics.

Bernie served in the U.S. Air Force on domestic and international assignments.  


He holds an FCC General Radiotelephone technician license, an FAA Commercial pilot certificate and an FAA Commercial certificate for remotely piloted aircraft. He has a bachelor's degree in Management from The New School in New York, NY.

Bernie is a Past President and Life Member of the National Association of State Technology Directors.  Through his work within state government, interacting with state governments nationwide and interfacing with providers of technology solutions, he is grateful to have worked with and learned from many incredibly conscientious and dedicated people who have generously and enthusiastically shared their knowledge.    

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