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There's a LOT happening in the world of aviation.  A lot of change.  A lot of investment by industry giants and newcomers alike.  A lot of people with bright ideas collaborating.  A lot of drone applications and development.  A lot of regulatory change in the works.  Flying cars! Roadable aircraft!  A lot of electric airplane initiatives.  A lot of autonomous air taxis under development.  A lot of research and development for advanced air traffic control systems to enable this all to operate safely and efficiently.  This significant upheaval is generating both benefits and challenges to the aviation community every day and holds much promise for the advancement of aviation.  Exciting times.


If you're involved in any of this activity (or need to be) and need assistance, give us a call to see how we can help.  We can provide assistance with strategy, planning, program development, policies, project management, monitoring, reporting and management services; complemented by our Commercial and Remote pilot credentials.       

A great number of people and organizations benefit from many facets of aviation right now. They use a growing number of applications encompassing aerial photography, public safety needs, agriculture, surveying, aerial inspections, construction management and others.  These can be accomplished by either a piloted or a remotely piloted aircraft, but there can be advantages and disadvantages to each depending on the circumstances and environment. It's beneficial to have all options available.


Major airlines, regional air carriers or charters are sometimes your best choice for travel, but having your own pilot and aircraft brings flexibility that is hard to beat.  Ask yourself, "Am I taking advantage of all the aviation options available to me?"  You might share a pilot and aircraft with others.  You might go one better and become a pilot yourself for ultimate flexibility.  Traveling with total control over the schedule and destination saves significant time.  It can often mean the difference between an overnight stay versus returning home the same day, covering multiple destinations in a single day or easily allowing a last minute change of plans.  Instead of a small number of major airports, what if you had access to thousands of airports that provided you the flexibility to depart or arrive much closer to your home or destination?  Would you really miss security lines, delays and luggage inspections?   Bonus: your flight won't leave without you if you're running late! The view is much better out the windshield and the fun factor is off the charts.


We can help you explore and understand everything that aviation can do for you.


Aerial View of a Drone
Better Liberty photo.jpg
The Battery.jpg
Abv Plum Island.jpg
N7048R Brainard 5 14 08 2.jpg
Empire State.jpg

A mile of road can take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere!

Short Final Snow ORE?.jpg
Lawrence Airport.jpg
Stowe Runway.jpg
Rwy 2 Night Final.JPG
Parlin Turf.jpg
F15 Hold Short.jpg
Rwy 20.jpg
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